Your Time is Now

ReGenesis offers you and your loved ones, a private, bespoke, solution to the growing problem of addiction. Our devoted team and exclusive world-class protocol, will walk with you on a path to the highest version of yourself.

Honoring Those Who Lost the Battle With Addiction

Amy Winehouse
British singer and songwriter
1983 - 2011
American singer and songwriter
1958 - 2016
Chris Farley
American actor and comedian
1964 - 1997
Robin Williams
American actor and comedian
1951 - 2014
John Belushi
British singer and songwriter
1949 - 1982
Tom Petty
American musician
1950 - 2017
Heath Ledger
Australian actor
1979 - 2008
Whitney Houston
American singer and actor
1963 - 2012
Erica Blasberg
American golfer (LPGA)
1984 - 2010
Michael Jackson
American singer and songwriter
1958 - 2009

Honoring Those Who Made It Through The Darkness

Robert Downey Jr.
American actor and producer
Born 1965
Russell Brand
English comedian
Born 1975
Bradley Cooper
American actor
Born 1975
Drew Barrymore
American actor
Born 1975
Audrey Gelman
American political consultant
Born 1987
Elton John
English singer
Born 1947
Dwight “Doc” Gooden
American baseball pitcher
Born 1964
Oprah Winfrey
American host & producer
Born 1954
Ringo Starr
English musician
Born 1940
James Taylor
American singer and songwriter
Born 1948

From the outside,
you appear to have it all.

Perhaps you have been successful at fooling yourself and those around you. You may think that wealth, charm, and even the lifestyle you lead are fulfilling. Yet on the inside, you feel empty and incomplete.

You might be exhausted from being at war with yourself and the world.

Your addictive behaviour may have destroyed lives, irreparably impacted your health, and traumatized your children, and created conflict in some of your closest relationships.

You feel your life, identity, and virtues slipping away as you spin through dark and endless cycles of desire, once able to soothe your pain.

Time and again, you have worked to break free of your perpetual addictions, turn over a new leaf, and access the illusion of willpower only to sabotage yourself.

You have tried everything, including 12-step programs, rehab centers, therapists, even alternative modalities. As a result, you may now think you are fundamentally flawed.

Perhaps your jaded disbelief may cause you to
shut your desktop in frustration.

Not so fast…

All of us here - including you -
know that the only time is now.

So only one question remains…
How truly ready are you to transform?

A path lies for you to step out of this chaotic existence into complete liberation and regenesis of being.

We are a global super-team specializing in healing addition and regenerating your whole life from within. We have dedicated our lives to liberating humankind from the trauma, depression, shame, guilt, fear, destruction and pain that addiction brings.

We have supported thousands of humans to transmute their trauma and addiction, drawing from each individual's personal life experience to reclaim their power.

Through an integral merging of breakthrough modalities and leveraging of the most potent sacred Plant Medicines on the planet we support a full-spectrum of physical, mental, emotional, energetic,spiritual, and psycho-spiritual healing.

Led by consciously attuned Doctors, Healers, Functional Medicine Practitioners, Coaches, Shamans, Physical Therapists; our unique one-year Re-Genesis Protocol will attune to your specific needs.

May you remember that you are your greatest healer with your divine gifts. You are here to fulfill your souls' mission.

Let us help you uncover just what that is.

Who We Are

John Kraemer

Founder & CEO

I am an established business leader who first hand witnessed a loved one suffer from addiction. After the loss of my friend due to an overdose, a need to create change started the conversation which lead to Regenesis. I have worked personally with many of the techniques utilized in depth and know their impact.


Founder & Regenesis Master Guide

With over 30 years of experience in the field of transformational growth, Jaiya is a seasoned guide who helps those in suffering to create a life of love, peace and joy.  You may have seen Jaiya on Netflix’s Sex, Love and Goop, with Gwyneth Paltrow. Jaiya’s focus has been in the field of mindful sexuality where she has created a framework called the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough.  This framework has helped hundreds of thousands of people to learn more about their sexuality so that they can have lives filled with both deeply satisfying sexual lives and lasting love.  On the deepest level Jaiya helps those who have forgotten who they are to experience, realize and unconditionally love themselves again.

Kevin Sullivan

Founder & Regenesis Master Guide

Kevin Sullivan is an interventionist, sobriety coach motivational speaker and serial entrepreneurial success who, proudly in recovery himself, is committed to helping others struggling with addiction, mental illness and homelessness. Known as the “turnaround guy,” for his ability to flourish in challenging markets, Kevin has helped kickstart successful multi-million dollar businesses in several different verticals including,x Eniware, and Viggle. Kevin was also the driving force behind launching pizza franchises Domino’s and Papa John’s in the world’s pizza capital, NYC, transforming it into the most profitable market in the country for both companies.

Though Kevin’s professional career is filled with accolades, the 2008 stock market crash ravaged both his finances and well-being. Sitting at rock bottom, he was forced to face the inner turmoil that plagued him throughout his life and fueled his reliance on alcohol and substance abuse. Through this challenge, Kevin found purpose and resilience, taking solace in helping others through their own hardships. He embarked on a mission to lift up communities that dealt with struggles similar to his own; starting initiatives in his companies to hire and create opportunities for at-risk youth and those battling addiction. Kevin eventually found himself sharing his personal journey with small groups and large crowds alike, speaking at seminars and conferences on addiction and how to recognize and heal the spiritual wounds beneath it.

Tapping into the tenacity and magnetism that made him a successful business leader, along with his genuine and deeply personal passion for helping others rise up from addiction, Kevin’s talks have inspired many to start the process of spiritual healing and recovery. Those who have benefitted from his talks have called Kevin inspirational, powerful, engaging, and authentic. Many have credited Kevin for inspiring them to go open up about their own struggles, or reach out to someone who they know is struggling. Kevin is currently working to change the narrative around addiction and recovery to an inclusive message centered around community, self-care, and inner strength.

Steve Gibb

Founder & Regenesis Master Guide

Stephen Gibb has been an active member of several Internationally acclaimed Heavy Metal bands in the last 20 years. Notably as a bass player in Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society and as a Guitarist for Nikki Sixx’s band 58, Crowbar, Kingdom of Sorrow, JASTA, & South Florida's own Saigon Kick. He is also a solo artist (singer/songwriter/producer/podcaster) currently writing & recording new artists and new music of his own as well as co-writing, recording and touring the world as a member of Barry Gibb's band. He also co wrote several songs with his father Barry that appeared on Barbra Streisands "Guilty Pleasures" album in '05 (Certified Gold in the U.S.A & Platinum in the U.K.). He is the primary co-writer with Barry on his latest release entitled “in the now’”(Columbia records). He has also written songs for Ricky Skaggs and Bonnie Tyler to name a few.

He is also the host of “Addiction Talks with Stephen Gibb”. A podcast that is focused on addiction and mental health issues, featuring a wide range of guests with invaluable information about addiction issues and recovery tools. Recent guests include Phil Caivano (Monster Magnet) and Anders Osborne to name a few. Stephen is passionate about helping others and currently serves as the Musicares chair for the south Florida chapter of the recording academy. He is Currently endorsed by Gibson Guitars, Taylor Guitars, D'Addario Strings, Red Bear Picks, Fishman, Jim Dunlop accessories, Klotz Cables, and Lewitt Microphones.

Satyen Raja

Founder & Regenesis Master Guide

Satyen Raja is known as the private transformational mentor, advisor and confidant to the powerful and influential. A remarkable living synthesis of eastern wisdom and western practicality, Satyen combines the power of the warrior and wisdom of the sage to inspire audiences & leaders worldwide into their highest impact and personal fulfillment.

Having invested 35 years of rigorous study & practice in both creating enlightened business growth and developing higher consciousness, he is the leading authority on expanding success while serving the greater good without sacrificing the joys of personal life.

Satyen has impacted over 100,000 students from over 50 countries around the world through his global human potential company, WarriorSage. Satyen leads private one-on-one retreats for CEOs, high impact individuals, executive teams and is a corporate cultural advisor and trainer for elite companies. Satyen’s fearless and heartfelt style transforms your limitations into strengths and your life into peak existence.

If this has resonance with you, we encourage you to release your doubts and fears once and for all and give us a call.